Thơ Eva Petropoulou Lianou

I miss the hug

A hug that they give you and you forget the weaknesses of your existence.

I miss a kiss

The kiss that someone gives you and your stomach makes those noise like is full of butterflies


I miss the smile

That childish smile that you have

You are smiling and all nature becomes



I miss the walk to the beach

The waves

The perfume of the salt

I miss the sunshine and the sunset

All the simple things that I had


I miss the generosity of people

I miss the kindness of grandparents

I miss the relaxing moments of drinking a coffee


Now, they all want your friend, your position, your talent, your contact, your potential, your life almost but no one…

Nobody want to get in your shoes

They are too tight!!!! 

©®Eva Petropoulou Lianou 

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